Vacation Update

Still technically on vacation until next Tuesday afternoon, but we made the drive back from Colorado yesterday and are back at home. We did 890 miles in about 12 hours and 20 minutes. (As a man, it’s important to report that sort of accomplishment. Let it also be known that we had three kids with us who slept all the way past the AZ/NM border!).

We stayed with our friends John and Dee Cook, whom I went to Egypt with last year. They live in Monument, CO, and graciously opened up their home to our family of five.

The highlights included sailing on John’s boat in the Grand Lake area (see pic). The “low-light” was the fact that I’m still getting over a stomach illness that I think is dehydration from the combo of high altitude and non-stop activity that characterizes my life. This morning I weighed myself and I haven’t been this light since 9th grade.

Anyway, still learning my way around the new blog and working on getting pages uploaded and general stuff.

Took Ryan to see a Colorado Rockies game, so as to get one step closer to completing the quest of hitting every baseball park in America (oh, and the Canadian one). Great game – rain delay (never happens in Phoenix) and an exciting twist in the 9th inning where we thought the Pirates might take it. Beautiful stadium, by the way.

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