Sunday Reflections: August 23, 2015

Today was another great day at Compass! The worship team did a fantastic job, especially with the last song, No Longer Slaves, which was a moving combination of beautifully blended harmonies with hand-drawn illustrations that added meaning to the lyrics as the song progressed. I continue to be impressed at the creativity and attention to detail and excellence that our team exhibits.

It’s also awesome to see so many new and “newer” people at Compass. I feel like we’re on this journey together of both discovering repentance and celebrating redemption. The Gospel is the great equalizer, as it tells us all that we’re in deep need of forgiveness but yet assures us all of our high standing with God once we’ve been redeemed.

One of the most frustrating things about being a Christian, to me at least, is how easily misunderstood we are as Christians. We are mostly to blame for that, I suppose, but as we showed this video of Penn Jillette, I couldn’t help but be reminded of why its so hard to tell people about Jesus without coming off judgmental or condemning or whatever.

The fact is, I’m not a Christian because of birthright, race, culture, or even personal choice. I am a Christian because of grace. My being a Christian does not make me a better person than an atheist or a Bhuddist or anyone else – it just means I believe my sin has been atoned for and yours can be too. The point is, its not about what “team” you’re on – it’s all about grace. Grace is not present in any other belief, at least in any recognizable way. So my “proselytizing” is more like, “Hey, I found something really awesome and I want you to try it too.”

But, of course, that requires Christians making authentic friendships with people and not merely trying to “close the deal” the way others do who are only interested in your beliefs and not interested in you. People don’t want to feel like a “customer” – they want to feel like you care.

So, those are just some random thoughts. Apparently Summer Slam is on in the other room, so I’ll have to go catch that for a little while. Construction is starting this week at Compass (was supposed to be Monday, got moved to Wednesday), and for the Jacobs’ family tonight will be prepping for another week of school and homework and gymnastics and singing lessons and whatever else comes our way.

Judi is recovering well from her foot surgery, although she is probably up on it more than she should be. But hopefully she’ll be back at church soon. Thank God for the live stream!

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