About Me

I’m a die-hard foltim650lower of Jesus Christ who loves to talk, write, inspire, scheme, drink way too much coffee, and avoid boredom at all costs. In 1998 I married the visually stunning and uniquely-gifted culinary genius known as Judi. God has blessed us with three amazingly wonderful children we do not deserve: Ryan, Cambria, and Madison. Judi and I met and married in the sprawling San Fernando Valley and moved to the Phoenix Metro area in 2002 to help this beautiful city in the desert bring glory to God by planting new churches.

In addition to serving as the Lead Pastor of Compass Church in Goodyear, AZ, I love hanging out with my family, staying in shape in my little garage gym, and reading everything I can. Since 2013 I have had the great privilege of serving as a chaplain in the United States Air Force Reserve.

My educational background includes a B.S. in Business Administration from Pepperdine University (’96), a Master of Divinity from Talbot School of Theology (’02), and a Doctor of Ministry from Dallas Theological Seminary (’11). But we never stop learning, right?

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Great About Me page–one of the few that I won’t offer to re-write for you! 🙂 I hadn’t seen the wedding web site–very cool!

  2. Wow. And here I thought I was the only Tim Jacobs who was a pastor and grad of Biola University. Lol. I appreciate your thoughts here. I’d love to talk to you about ministry sometime.

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