I Started a New Radio Program…

Yes, I did. And I am fired up.

It’s on 1280 KXEG, a Christian radio station that was recently purchased out of bankruptcy. The new owner is getting it up and running and has a big vision for what it can be.

I’ve always loved talk radio. I’ve been listening to it since I was 13 years old. My dad introduced me to Dennis Prager, and since then I’ve been pretty much junkie. While I don’t expect to compete with the Rush Limbaugh’s of the world anytime soon, I am enjoying the fact that my show is LIVE, and for now, LOCAL, and I’m trying to carve out a little niche for myself.

The purpose of my show, Life360 with Tim Jacobs, is to demonstrate how Christianity and more specifically the Gospel is the only hope the world has, and that it redeems everything it touches. So I want to show how the gospel not only stands up to, but provides the solution for, the great challenges that we as humans are facing.

On another note, I am unashamedly an entrepreneur at heart. I love starting and building stuff. So it excites me to be a part of a station that is under new ownership and is “building the airplane in the air” – something I’ve grown very accustomed to doing over the last 18 years of my career as a full-time pastor.

So I hope to inspire, educate, and motivate everyone who listens to my show, whether Christian or non-Christian!

On another note, I’m a big believer in what is called “motivated abilities” – a concept I learned from this book many years ago. In other words, when you’re doing something you love, the energy and enthusiasm will just gush out of you. That’s why all of us who live in this amazingly free society, with all of its options and opportunities, have a God-given responsibility to find what it is that motivates us and go after that with all we’ve got. In my case, there are many things that I love. Radio, however, is something I just was not sure I’d ever be able to do.

But through a very wild turn of events that started less than a month ago, I now find myself taking the microphone every Tuesday, in the incredible time-slot of 4pm, to send out my message to the airwaves. How great is that?